Where To Get Yourself One Of London's Prettiest Coffees

Laura Reynolds
By Laura Reynolds Last edited 14 months ago
Where To Get Yourself One Of London's Prettiest Coffees

For some, coffee is nothing more than a necessary tool to kickstart the little grey cells of a morning. Others like to linger a little longer over their lattes, taking the time to enjoy them β€” and, yes, Instagram them. If you like your coffee with a little more sparkle and pizzazz than your average Pret flat white, read on.

Palm Vaults' glitter coffee

Hackney emporium of pink Palm Vaults hit headlines in November 2017 when it unveiled its glitter coffee. It jumped on that particular shiny bandwagon after a cafe in India released a similar product, and naturally, Instagram loved it. Initially it was available at the Soho outpost, but you'll have to head out east to Hackney to get yourself one now.

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The Primrose Bakery in Primrose Hill also offered glitter coffees for a while, but they're off the menu at the moment. Watch this space though β€” we have it on good authority that they're brewing up another special drink to be unveiled soon...

Elan Cafe's coffees

Latte art is nothing new β€” hundreds of coffee shops all over London are putting their own spin on top of their drinks, but this one caught our eye. Elan, the gorgeous pink cafe with branches in Park Lane and Brompton Road, tops its drinks with a cute little bear face.

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Not into bears staring back at you as you eat? The Lucky Charms latte at the same venue, topped and flanked with the American cereal, has got to be one of London's more unusual looking coffees.

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Farm Girl's liquid gold turmeric latte

Focus is on the holistic and healthy at Farm Girl in Chelsea, but that doesn't stop the liquid gold turmeric latte looking good too. Yes, that is a French bulldog looking up at you.

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Other options at this fancy caff include the rose latte (pictured below), which is topped with actual petals, and the butterfly matcha, which is topped with blue matcha powder.

Flotsam and Jetsam's unicorn hot chocolate

We tried this one ourselves when we went in search of all of London's unicorn food and drink, and we have to say, it's pretty good. The Aussie cafe tops its white hot chocolate with a marshmallow 'horn', coloured sprinkles and freeze-dried raspberries, the latter keeping it on the right side of tangy rather than sickly.

Rose latte at Aida Shoreditch

From the outside, Aida Shoreditch is a fashion store, but inside there's a cafe serving up matcha, turmeric and chai lattes β€” oh, and this rose latte. Swirly foam art meets dried rose petals.

Matcha at Tsujiri UK

If you're into Matcha, you'll already know about Tsujiri UK, a Matcha house with branches in Soho and Chinatown. These guys offer their own, green, twist on latte art, with birds, trees and owls among the symbols topping their Matcha lattes. The powers-that-be at Tsujiri make no secret of the fact that they're cashing in on the social media generation. The website proclaims that the company's been "colouring your Instagram feed green since 1860" (maybe not quite...) and makes the dreams of "food bloggers" come true.

Latte art at Peggy Porshcen

Did you really think you'd read an article about London's prettiest anything without mention of Peggy Porschen? The latte game at Belgravia's pink palace is always on point; hearts for Valentine's Day, snowflakes at Christmas and pumpkins for Halloween. Stunning or sickly sweet? You decide.

Know anywhere we've missed? Let us know in the comments (or tag us on Instagram).

Last Updated 17 May 2021