Eat Along With Kevin McCallister At The Home Alone VIP Dining Experience

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Eat Along With Kevin McCallister At The Home Alone VIP Dining Experience

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Image: 20th Century Fox

A suitably snowy Midwestern suburb. A sentimental wish for Santa to reunite our hero's family. Glittering glass baubles used as, erm, makeshift caltrops to trip up two hapless burglars. For a certain generation, Home Alone is the ultimate Christmas film.

And this festive season, you've got the chance to relive all your favourite Kevin McCallister moments in serious style...

On Saturday 14 December, Cineworld at The O2 hosts the ultimate Home Alone viewing experience, complete with luxurious La-Z-boy style seats, themed food, lots of cinema snacks, and unlimited soft drinks (just remember to go easy on the Pepsi).

The Home Alone ViP Dining Experience kicks off with an exclusive reception in Cineworld's private VIP lounge. This is your chance to have a leisurely natter with your film date while tucking in to Home Alone-inspired food (think ice-cream sundaes, mac and cheese, and — natch — cheese pizza).

Grab a complimentary fizzy drink or three (psst, there's also a cash bar if you're craving something stronger), and don't forget to load up on snacks (we're talking popcorn, nachos, and hot dogs) to graze on during the film itself .

Image: 20th Century Fox

After 45 minutes of festive feasting, with a few specially-themed surprises along the way, it's time to move into the intimate screening room for the main event. Experience supreme relaxation as you watch the Wet Bandits fall straight into a series of (increasingly sadistic) booby traps from the comfort of your incredibly roomy reclining leather chair.

Set out your snacks on your seat-side table, ready to enjoy as you revisit the moments that made baby-faced Macaulay Culkin the biggest child star of the nineties (that iconic after-shave moment, the many vaguely unnerving eyebrow raises, the endless meme-able "Buzz, your girlfriend — woof!")

With mouthwatering treats, unparalleled comfort, and bucket loads of nostalgia — all topped off with a heart-warming cinematic message about the true meaning of Christmas — The Home Alone ViP Dining Experience is the festive film event of the season.

Feeling hungry? Get your tickets here.

The Home Alone ViP Dining Experience is available at 1pm and 6pm on Saturday 14 December at Cineworld O2 (Greenwich Peninsula) — and make sure to come along 45 early to make full use of the complimentary food. Click here to book.

And if you already have plans, don’t worry! While you won’t be able to catch Home Alone, the Cineworld ViP experience is available year round and always includes complimentary dining, unlimited cinema snacks and luxury recliner seats.

Last Updated 11 December 2019