Leicester Square Cinema To Premiere World's Dullest Film

Will Noble
By Will Noble Last edited 22 months ago
Leicester Square Cinema To Premiere World's Dullest Film

Leicester Square's Prince Charles Cinema will screen what's being dubbed 'the world's dullest movie' this September.

Baa Baa Land is an eight-hour slow-motion film with no plot, dialogue or actors. Instead, the stars are sheep. But not Aardman style, plasticine all-singing-and-dancing sheep... these are just sheep.

Whereas most filmmakers would wilt when their film is described as "better than any sleeping pill", the people behind Baa Baa Land are actively promoting it. "Is it the dullest movie ever made?" says Peter Freedman, its producer, "We think so. We hope that audiences will too.”

Still awake after watching the trailer? Why not get yourself to the Prince Charles Cinema this September (date TBC) and see if you can hack eight hours of it. We reckon it'd be shear hell. Then again, it's got to be better than watching The Sound of Music...

Last Updated 19 July 2017