Celebrate Sex And The City's Cultural Legacy In Shoreditch

By Maire Rose Connor Last edited 11 months ago

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Celebrate Sex And The City's Cultural Legacy In Shoreditch

Can you believe that it's been a whole two decades since Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha first lit up our TV screens?

Since its launch in 1997, Sex and the City spawned countless think pieces, more than a few spoofs, and many a drunken yet dead-sincere debate about which of the four protagonists you and your squad are.

Reflecting on it 20th anniversary, arts and culture collective Superculture couldn't help but wonder just how influential the show was. That's why they've organised an all-day conference dedicated to exploring its feminist legacy, politics, portrayal of New York City, and its impact on how we view sex.

Let's just hope everyone will pretend that those two movie spin-offs just don't exist.

After a special viewing of its first ever episode (NB: the Trump and Alec Baldwin references haven't aged well), it's party time — with cocktails, quizzes and cultural chitchat. Naturally, Cosmopolitans are on the menu.

The SATC conference takes place on September 8 at The Book Club. Click here to buy your ticket.

Last Updated 08 August 2018