The DLR Doesn't Really Need Reviewing - But These People Did It Anyway

Laura Reynolds
By Laura Reynolds Last edited 36 months ago
The DLR Doesn't Really Need Reviewing - But These People Did It Anyway

We've already had a look at the Woolwich Ferry through the eyes of TripAdvisor reviewers. This time we turn our attention to the DLR which, at time of writing has had 416 reviews, averaging out at 4.5/5. Unsurprisingly, a lot of the reviews focus on the front seat being the best thing about it (not for us though).  

DexterBucks is living 30 years in the past, describing the DLR as a "useful addition to the public transport in London" in October 2017, more than three decades after the addition was *actually* made. With any luck, the station he accidentally got off at was 2018. Welcome back dexterBucks, welcome back.

We enjoy Jem's description of "toyish in comparison with the Underground". Toyish it is Jem, and therein lies its joy — although we'd like to see you tell the suits of Canary Wharf that their neck of the woods "doesn't seem quite serious".

Peter Jones from Liverpool, are you in fact Bryn from Wales? Because we cannot read your review in our heads without Rob Brydon's Gavin & Stacey alter ego creeping in. We imagine Bryn would have an absolute hoot on the front seat of the DLR.

"You wouldn't know if you didn't know" says Nathanael. Except you know it, and now we all know it, and we all know that you know it, so is there anyone left that doesn't know it? You know?

Steve claims his "day on this rail and the underground" was the best way to look around without a massive crowd. We imagine it was Steve — not many crowds of people choose to spend their entire day on public transport. Perhaps try a museum next time you're in London? We've got one or two of them.

We have to say, we agree with everything Anthony says. Engineering feat? Yes! Marvel? Yes! Clean and efficient? Yes (mostly)! Stratford magnificent shopping centre? Y... Oh. Well, at least Anthony has decent taste in transit systems, eh?

Last Updated 04 January 2018