12 Predictions For London In 2021

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12 Predictions For London In 2021

It's time to gaze into our crystal ball and gaze into London's near future. We are rarely wrong with our predictions*.


As hard times continue in the West End, Rowan Atkinson turns to street performing in Leicester Square:


EU-related TfL stations — including Holland Park, Denmark Hill and Cyprus — get a Brexity rebrand. One Euro-monikered station keeps its name, though:


After years of sounding generic, the capital's last remaining pub finally has a meaningful name:


The Crossrail opening is pushed back once again, when an error with the train dimensions is revealed:


Sadiq Khan pushes his traffic-free London agenda, with a new-look road system:


St Pancras station welcomes the news that Billy Joel is in town:


London's latest batch of micro homes is released onto the market:


In joyous scenes, Londoners finally return to the office:


Elizabeth I is forced to vacate the throne, on the discovery that one of her forebears is still alive:


The government announces its creation of four new full-time jobs, keeping Big Ben's hands moving:


TfL denies budget cuts are affecting the quality of its signage...

...or bus services:


A 'normal' Christmas is reinstated, just in time for us to welcome our new red-breasted overlords:

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Swiss Cottage image by Sunil060902 in Creative Commons.

*Sorry, we mean right. We are rarely right.

Last Updated 31 December 2020