Something Is Wrong With This South London Bus Stop... Can You Spot It?

Will Noble
By Will Noble Last edited 10 months ago

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Something Is Wrong With This South London Bus Stop... Can You Spot It?

We like to think Londonist readers are a sharp-eyed, savvy bunch — certainly that's the case for one John Westbrooke.

John sent us in this picture he took of a westbound bus stop outside the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich.

Can you spot what's irking him/us about it?

Bingo. It's labelled 'National Wartime Museum'... but hang on — what's the National Wartime Museum when it's at home? National Maritime Museum — yes, and that would make the most sense, as the bus stop's right outside. London also has an Imperial War Museum, Churchill War Rooms and National Army Museum — although if you alight in Greenwich for any of these, you've got a long march ahead of you.

Perhaps the closest match we can find to the bus stop's label is the National War Museum... but that's in Edinburgh — definitely a schlep too far.

If that's not enough to suggest the TfL's labelling department has made a one-off boo boo, check out the bus stop on the other side of the road (from where John took his photo):

As Google shows us in blurred, but not uncertain, terms this bus stop is for National Maritime Museum. Therefore its cousin across the way is totally telling porkies.

But while the westbound bus stop name may be fake news, we hesitate to request it gets rectified. Instead, it proudly joins the ranks of our city's many erroneous signs.

Last Updated 30 May 2018