This ATM Is Actually A Secret Passageway To Free Gin

By Maire Rose Connor Last edited 16 months ago
This ATM Is Actually A Secret Passageway To Free Gin

At first glance, it's just an ordinary cash machine. But look again, and you'll see that this is actually a very special ATM — not least because there's a rather dapper bank manager standing next to it, waiting to assist you.

Welcome to Hendricks' Automated Transport to the Marvellous (ATM, geddit?). See, this hole in the wall in Bermondsey is a portal to a secret, pop up gin bar, which promises an experience 'far more valuable than money'. Spoiler alert: it's free booze.

This is far from Hendricks' first foray into the world of quirky pop-ups. Earlier this month, the eccentric gin brand opened a 'multi-sensory world' inside a Shoreditch launderette.

Now, it's serving up its signature cucumber and rose gin from a bank-themed speakeasy. Just make your deposit and you'll be escorted inside for two complimentary bevvies.

The experience is free, but must be booked in advance — with tickets released in batches at 12.34pm each day. Click here to grab yours.

Last Updated 29 August 2019