Biggest Pub In London? The New BrewDog Has To Be A Contender

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Biggest Pub In London? The New BrewDog Has To Be A Contender
That's not the half of it.

The streets near the Tower of London aren't exactly short of plus-size pubs, what with the giant Wetherspoon and the pedant-bating Hung, Drawn and Quartered. But now an absolute battleship of a pub has muscled in on the scene. It completely blows the competition out of the water.

The pub stretches the full length of those arches, and finally provides a reason to love Minster Court.

BrewDog Tower Hill takes up the full length of a block. It's so fricking long that the far end seems to disappear round the curvature of the Earth. So many benches and stools fill the space that you could probably seat the entire residential population of the Square Mile and still have room for guests.

It's 2pm. Shouldn't you be going back to the office, gents?

So it's big, but is it any good? Yes. Any BrewDog pub gets an automatic place in our 'best pubs' database thanks to the generous range of beers. At Tower Hill, they've outdone themselves. 28 different craft ale taps ensure that no human being could drink their way though the entire suite and live to tell the increasingly incoherent tale.

"Four pints of the Tokyo, please."

Our only gripe is the cost. BrewDogs are never a cheap night out, but here the prices are hard to justify. We're talking £5 to £6 a pint for the weaker stuff. One 3.6% beer weighs in at £4.10 for a half. Good job the City's streets are lined with gold.

Don't ask if they do Doombar.

The bar differs from other branches by having its own brewery on site, currently producing west coast IPA. The tanks are impossible to miss. They're brought front-centre of house rather than hidden away in a back room. Add on the BottleDog shop for takeaways and this is an unmissable destination for beer lovers.

It doesn't stop there. The far end of the pub includes three mighty shuffleboards and a bank of arcade machines — all surrounded by the kind of street art we assumed had gone out of fashion, but now we're not so sure.

In summary, this place is a contender for London's biggest pub, with the biggest range of ales, and — if the prices weren't so alarmingly high — quite possibly the best pub.

BrewDog Tower Hill takes up almost the entire eastern end of Eastcheap. Open seven days a week.

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Last Updated 17 May 2018