This Handy App Cleans Out Your Inbox For You (And Helps Save The World)

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This Handy App Cleans Out Your Inbox For You (And Helps Save The World)

This is a sponsored article on behalf of Cleanfox.

Advert from store you last shopped at three years ago. Spam. Newsletter you never signed up for. More spam. Someone trying to steal your banking details...

Sound familiar?

As useful as email is, it's also a major time-waster. According to Andrew Keen, author of The Internet Is Not The Answer, the average employee receives 110 emails each day. For each email read, it takes up to 64 seconds to re-concentrate — so it goes without saying that you'd get a lot more done if it wasn't for those pesky unwanted messages.

Unfortunately, cleaning up your inbox can become even more of a chore than sifting through it all — and that's where Cleanfox comes in.

This handy app has helped users delete nearly 1.5 billion unwanted emails to date, and it's completely free to use. Having scanned your inbox for unwanted newsletters and spam emails, Cleanfox will give you the option to unsubscribe and delete them in only a couple of clicks — leaving you with the emails you actually want to read.

It's more than just a de-clutterer, though: Cleanfox helps save the planet too.

Every email newsletter sent generates approximately 10g of CO2, yet only 10% of them are ever opened. That means the carbon footprint for each email user in the UK amounts to around 8.14kg of CO2 — the same as leaving an energy saving lightbulb on for over a month!

Still not convinced? French observatory ORSE estimates that 10 billion emails are exchanged every hour, with equivalent CO2 emissions amounting to 4000 round trips from London to New York by plane. You might be one of many, but by using Cleanfox, you can help make a dent in that figure — and the company will even plant a tree in Zambia on your behalf, through a partnership with the WeForest project.

Saving the planet. Cleaning your inbox. What more could you ask for? Visit the Cleanfox website or download the app to get started.

Last Updated 26 October 2018