This Picturesque Back Street Is Home To Dozens Of Frog Statues

Laura Reynolds
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Last Updated 04 May 2023

This Picturesque Back Street Is Home To Dozens Of Frog Statues
A pastel pink house behind a camellia bush on Frog Lane in Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Pastel colours houses on Frog Lane in Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Tea Garden Lane. Cabbage Stalk Lane. Frog Lane.

The Kent town of Tunbridge Wells isn't short of charmingly-named thoroughfares, but the residents of Frog Lane have gone one further, by adopting the amphibian as their unofficial mascot.

Unknown even to many local residents, Frog Lane is a steep, cobbled road, barely wide enough for a car to squeeze between the buildings. It's lined with a variety of higgeldy-piggeldy houses and cottages, each with a unique style, including a pastel pink townhouse that's regularly splashed across Instagram.

A sign reading 'Frog parking - others will be toad', on Frog Lane in Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Frog Lane residents have a sense of humour

The whole street is reminiscent of the much more famous Mermaid Street in Rye, and its picturesque nature alone is enough to draw in visitors and photographers, but there's something else that makes it a worthwhile stop on a tour of the town — an army of frog statues.

A small statue of a black frog, sitting on a wall and reading  a book, on Frog Lane in Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Wind in the Willows, presumably.

More than 50 frog and toad ornaments line the lane, placed there by local residents. Some sit at street level, a few balance on roof tops, and others still peep out of drainpipes. Local legend suggests that there are 52 of the creatures on Frog Lane, in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials and positions. Despite our best efforts, we've only ever managed to track down 42, but my goodness, we got as excited as children at an Easter egg hunt as we did so.

Frog Lane in Tunbridge Wells, Kent

One frog cartwheels on a roof, another kicks back, legs crossed to sunbathe, while a third gets stuck into a book. Four of the creatures balance on top of each other, in a stony amphibian pyramid, and another peeks out of a drainpipe.

An upside down statue of a frog doing a handstand, on top of a garden wall, on Frog Lane in Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Look up as well as down to find the frogs of Frog Lane

The frog statues have remained relatively unknown until recently, when they gained a bit of online traction thanks to the large numbers of locals exploring the town on walks during lockdown. They've been in situ since at least 2018 though, and Frog Lane residents keep things fresh with seasonal adaptations — for Easter 2021, a knitted Kermit lookalike wielding a woolly hot cross bun was strung around a drainpipe, and some of the frogs get a tinsel garland at Christmas time.

A knitted green frog cuddly toy holding a knitted hot cross bun, attached to a drain pipe on a brick wall on Frog Lane in Tunbridge Wells, Kent
A seasonal resident of Frog Lane, Easter 2021

So, if you're looking for something toadally unusual to keep the kids (and adults) hoppy on a day out in Kent, swing past Frog Lane and keep your eyes peeled.

A small frog statue peeking out of a horizontal drainpipe in a wall on Frog Lane in Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Some are very well hidden, tucked away in drainpipes and plant pots

Frog Lane, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN1 1YT. It's a five minute walk down the High Street from Tunbridge Wells railway station (parking near Frog Lane is tricky, and you're likely to get... toad).

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