Thermal Images Show Just How Hot London Is Getting In The Heatwave

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Thermal Images Show Just How Hot London Is Getting In The Heatwave
Girl, same. Image: Shutterstock

In case you missed the memo, it's pretty darn hot in London in right now. But which Londoners are the hottest? Well, thanks to a set of thermal images captured on Cat® S61 rugged smartphone, we can tell you...

This e-scooter commuter

The hottest commuter captured on camera had a surface temperature of over 40°C. Someone get this gal a Calippo.

These tattoo artists

"When you’re sitting in direct sunlight you can really feel areas with dark tattoos heating up and feeling hotter than the rest of you", Benny Payne from Prick tattoo parlour in Shoreditch explains. It's not surprising, then, that the highest temperatures were recorded on the most heavily-inked body parts of these two tatt-lovers.

This poor pup

With pavements reaching over 40°C, it's no surprise that our four-legged friends are feeling the heat. Luckily, it looks like this hot hound on Hampstead Heath found the perfect way to cool down (as did this lot):

These tube commuters

The London Underground has basically turned into one giant oven, with a temperature of 37.7°C recorded on the Piccadilly line. Things aren't much better on the Northern line where, despite wisely carrying a fan, a woman had a surface temperature of 36°C. If that's making you dread your commute home, here's a little palate-cleanser, in the form of our air-conditioned tube map.

This food courier

With a helmet, and a backpack possible stuffed with piping hot food, you really do have to feel for this Deliveroo Courier. Unknown customer, we hope those halloumi fries were worth it!

These Downing Street protesters

Protesters opposing Boris Johnson's new role as Prime Minister were undeterred by temperatures averaging 32.8°C last night. Organisers say that hundreds of people descended on Russell Square for the rally, before an estimated 10,000 marched to the gates of Downing Street.

And finally, the Cabinet Office itself

Ok, so this isn't a person or a pet. But another image taken nearby the protest appears to show a load of hot air coming out of the Cabinet Office. We couldn't possibly comment.

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