Stranger Things: The First Shadow Is Slithering Into London

By Lydia Manch Last edited 9 months ago

Last Updated 19 September 2023

Stranger Things: The First Shadow Is Slithering Into London

While you're here, did you know Spirited Away is coming to the West End?

It's Hawkins, Indiana... but not as you know it.

A new Stranger Things show is coming to London — for everybody who wants their big Christmas theatre trip to come with a side of cosmic horror..

Hawkins, Indiana in the 1950s is a very different place than the one we land in — several decades later — in Netflix's Stranger Things.

In 1959, Hawkins is just your average small town in the American midwest. Or seems that way.

But Stranger Things: The First Shadow is recommended for ages 12+, with under 5s not allowed, so our spider sense tells us things aren't going to be average for long. That might be down to new kid in town, Henry Creel, who arrives trailing a shadowy past and hoping for a fresh start.

Creel, along with some familiar Hawkins natives — young Jim Hopper among them — arrives at the Phoenix Theatre in November, and we expect it to be the sinister-but-compelling hit of the winter for panto refuseniks and everybody craving a Hawkins fix while waiting for Netflix's season 5.

Stranger Things: The First Shadow is at the Phoenix Theatre from Nov 2023-Aug 2024. We have access to a batch of tickets throughout the run and £24 tickets for spring and summer dates.