Fleabag Prayer Candles Are A Thing Now

Fleabag Prayer Candles Are A Thing Now
Holy smokes: Waller-Bridge, Mayall and Abbott heading up the London leaderboard.

In these uncertain times, who doesn't need some divine comfort? Some holy guidance? Some David Bowie, glowing beatifically at you from your mantlepiece?

Celebrity prayer candles: now a Thing, thanks to London candlemakers My Sainted Aunt.

Set up by two best friends, Stuart and Dilka, it's a passion project borne out of what Stuart describes as his 'somewhat unseemly obsession with Zac Efron...'

And now they cater to your unseemly obsessions, too, offering custom candles featuring your wimple-clad friend, relative or pet, and plenty of celebrity saints to choose from.

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Their sales figures make for some surprising reading. Who'd have guessed Prince Philip would be doing nearly double the trade of Prince Harry? Or that BoJo would be as popular as David Attenborough? Our spider sense tells us that some of the purchases might be intended more for a zeitgeisty hate-burn — say, oh, Dominic Cummings draped in a toga.

'We’ve sold quite a lot of Jeremy Corbyn', co-founder Stuart tells us, 'and Arlene Foster holding a lamb is proving a sleeper favourite, as is Diane Abbott.'

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Of the non-Londoners, high performers include Joe Exotic, RuPaul and Cher.

When it comes to London-based celebs, until recently their sales figures had Harry Styles heading up the leaderboard, followed by Louis Theroux. Strong performers also include David Bowie, Rik Mayall and, yep, a be-wimpled Diane Abbott.

But all of them have been absolutely blown out of the water by a new entry selling up an unholy storm: Hackney (via Ireland) thesp Paul Mescal. The Normal People star's been selling at a RuPaul and Dolly Parton level, and shipping as far as Brazil. Undisputed winner of the London-based-celebrity prayer candle league table.


My Sainted Aunt: candles start at £16. Order here or follow them on Instagram for inspiration.

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Last Updated 16 June 2020