Londonist's Most Read Articles From 2016

Harry Rosehill
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Londonist's Most Read Articles From 2016

When scrolling through Londonist articles, do you ever wonder what your contemporaries are reading? Measured in page views, we present to you the 10 most read articles of 2016.*

Photo: Veronica Otero

10. Ways To Tell When You've Become A Real Londoner

What maketh a real Londoner? we wondered. We drew up a checklist to help you announce yourself as one. If you've done them all, give yourself a pat on the back, and shout your Londoner credentials from the top of a high building (in London).

9. High Wages But High Rent: Is London Worth The Trade-Off?

We've all heard over the past few years about the ridiculous rate housing prices are increasing in the capital. Still, more and more people still move here because it's where the high paying jobs (and all the cool stuff) are. Capgemini did the maths and ranked cities across the UK to find out which leaves you with the most disposable income.

8. Everything You Need To Know About Pokemon Go In London

Remember Pokemon Go? Its star burned so bright, so brief — just like your battery life when you play it. We wrote a guide on how to get the most out of the then-fresh fad. If you're OK with hopping on the bandwagon six months late, it's still worth a read.

7. London's Largest Gin Bar Opens This Week

Once more, Londoners love their gin. That's why so many of you read about this epic gin bar in Holborn. Once you've picked your gin of choice out of hundreds on offer, the next choice is between 27 brands of tonic water. In total there are 14,035 unique combinations of gin and tonic to be had. We sincerely hope — for people's own health — that this place doesn't attract completionists...

The Gin Bar at Holborn Dining Room.

6. Why Are The Platforms At Angel So Wide?

Another query that's got many of you curious on your travels through N1. Why are the platforms at Angel so wide? Spoiler alert: their original designers were frugal with their space.

5. Oyster And Contactless Fares Not Always The Same Price

A handy tip on how to save money on the tube (if you're doing an extremely specific journey). Contactless and Oyster cards are supposed to be the exact same price, but we decided to investigate whether that was always true.

4. Kick Back In An Igloo By The Thames

Clearly you were all incredibly excited by the idea of pop-up igloos by the Thames. We don't blame you either; the perfect place for a warming winter cocktail while taking in amazing views of the river... who wouldn't like that?

3. What Are Pink Oyster Readers For?

A question that's clearly bothered many of you for a while now. We've got you covered with this quick video.

2. The London Church That's A Swimming Pool

This is a real case of does-what-it-says-on-the-tin. In the eastern reaches of the capital there's a former asylum that's been converted into a health club. Right in the middle of said health club is a glorious swimming pool in the old chapel. Even the confessional box gets in on the action, being converted into a sauna.

And the most read Londonist article of 2016 was...

Photo by Clare Griffiths.

1. Children Can Travel For Free On Trains In London

You guys love travel. You love kids. And you love saving money. No surprise, then, that our top story of the year was the news that children can travel for free on all National Rail services in London, announced at the start of last year.

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Last Updated 21 December 2016