London Shops With Totally Legitimate Celebrity Endorsements

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Last Updated 15 September 2021

London Shops With Totally Legitimate Celebrity Endorsements

What have Al Pacino, Barbra Streisand, Puff Daddy and Elvis Presley got in common? They're all entertainers, of course, but they've also lent their names to London businesses. We're sure that all of the following are perfectly legitimate and endorsed by their namesakes.

Al Pacino the greengrocer

Al Pacino's local express, formerly in Bounds Green

Sadly no longer with us, Al Pacino's Local Express could formerly be found midway down Hornsey High Street. It specialised in Turkish, Polish, English and Romanian goods but neither the Italian nor American wares that would better match its name.

Robert Deniro's Caff

Deniro's cafe

OK, it's Deniro and not De Niro. And there's no hint of a Robert in there. But Caffe Deniro in Southwark is surely an homage to the great actor. Along with Al Pacino's grocery and the various Codfather restaurants, London has a whole sub-genre of namesake businesses.

Another De Niro's (this time including the space) can be found in Coulsdon, as a unisex hairdresser. It is the first in a run of celebrity-referencing salons...

Zidane Barbers

A hairdressers named after Zidane.

A touch of irony in Hammersmith, where this gentlemen's barbers is named after Zinedine Zidane — surely the most famous bald footballer of all time. We suppose it's better than calling it Bobby Charlton's Barbers.

Elvis the hairdresser

Elvis the Barber on Commercial Street

Elvis seems a much better fit for a barbers, given the King's famous quiff. Yet this Commercial Street cuttery lasted only a year before changing its name to City Barbers. Fans of Elvis spotting might like to check out these other seven hipshakin' locations around town that celebrate Presley.

Barbra Streisand also cuts hair

Barber Streisand in Exmouth Market

But perhaps the most famous hairdresser named after a celebrity is Barber Streisand on Exmouth Market. Combine this with Deniro's Caffe and we're half way to Meet The Fockers.

Puff Dad E's Vaping Supplies

Puff Dad E vape store

Given his real name, Sean Combs must have been another tempting target for punning hairdressers. But his former identity of Puff Daddy also has mileage, as shown in this vape store in Osidge. We've spotted a second branch in Waltham Abbey.

And now for a few fictional namesakes...

Dracula's Grocery

Dracula grocery store

I wonder how many jokers have walked into this Gants Hill grocery and asked if they sell garlic. If this combination of blood-sucking horror and grocery shopping seems incongruous, consider that the city also contains several branches of Jack the Clipper (another punning hairdresser), and the Jack the Chipper fish restaurant. And then there's this one...

E. Scissorhands Barbers

E Scissorhands barbers

Yet another playfully named hairdressers - and a well-known one, given its location outside Highgate tube. Our photo's a decade old, but the salon is still wielding its blades to any who dare step inside.

Simba sells booze

Lion King off licence

The Lion King off-licence still does a roaring trade on Green Lanes, 15 years after we took this snap. The pride of the Harringay Ladder.

Captain Corelli's takeaway

Capitan Corelli, an Italian cafe on Battersea Park Road

And finally, Battersea Park Road has long been home to this slightly dubious take on the Louis de Bernières classic. Can you spot the subtle change of name to protect against potential law suits?

Spotted another shop or cafe trading under a famous name? Let us know in the comments.