Lego Is Releasing A Trafalgar Square Set

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Lego Is Releasing A Trafalgar Square Set
Image: Lego

London-loving Lego fans are in for a treat — they'll soon be able to recreate Trafalgar Square out of the famous plastic bricks.

The latest set in the Danish firm's 'Architecture' range is a rendering of London's best-known square, complete with lurid-blue fountains, a generous sprinkling of trees, and the prerequisite red buses pootling around the edge — but no pigeons or people. Or levitating Yodas.

The frontage of the National Gallery features heavily, and of course Nelson perches proudly on his column... but we can't help but worry about the quartet of lions that surround his base; they're grey, lacking manes and more reminiscent of a robot dog-stone griffin hybrid than kings of the jungle.

Photo: Londonist

As reported on Gizmodo, very little is known about the Lego set yet, beyond that it's launching at a special event on 27 April at the Leicester Square store. Currently available items in the 'Architecture' collection range in price from £34.99 for a rendering of Las Vegas, to £299.99 for a 'hard to find' Taj Mahal — so best start saving your pocket money now if you fancy this bricky Trafalgar Square.

If a London-Lego crossover gets your juices flowing, we're sorry to report that past products including two versions of Big Ben, plus Buckingham Palace, have now been 'retired' by the company — but the London skyline is currently available for £45.

Alternatively, drop by the Leicester Square store and ride a Lego tube train in the company of William Shakespeare.

Last Updated 09 April 2019

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