Ride A Lego Tube Train At The Lego Store

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Ride A Lego Tube Train At The Lego Store
A lego tube roundel saying Westminster

Despite the queues and rampant commercialism, the Lego Store in Leicester Square charmed our plastic pants off.

Why? Because it's more London-y than the Artful Dodger's Oyster wallet.

Where else can you pose for a photo on a Lego tube train next to William Shakespeare?

Man and delighted nipper on a lego tube train. They are sat between a soldier and William Shakespeare, which is a temporal impossibility.

Then walk round the front and thank the driver?

A child stares into the cab of a tube train, unaware of the peril she is in. But it is OK, for this is a lego tube train and not a real tube train, which would, of course, be fatal.

Plan your onward journey with a Lego tube map.

A lego tube map, which includes a bit of the Overground, a tiny bit of DLR, and the word 'Bakerloo' next to the wrong Edgware Road.

Take in the famous landmarks.

Yes, it IS called Big Ben. You haters who say that Big Ben is the bell and not the tower are wrong. It's 'a' bell, not 'the' bell, as there are five. And it's only a nickname anyhow. So we say call the whole thing Big Ben if you like. It's not wrong.

Then head upstairs to see this striking panorama of the capital forged, of course, from bricks.

Are we sure that's where Canary Wharf should go?
Millions of years ago, marine plants and small invertebrate animals settled on the bottom of the ocean. Compressed over millennia into crude oil, they were later drilled out, refined into petroleum and spun into plastic. They are now on show in the Lego store.

Be sure to take the lift, which carries the following Lego warning:

Sorry for the low image quality. We were so intent on minding the gap that our hands were shaking.

Needless to say, the store also sells every imaginable line of Lego product, from Duplo to Star Wars. Numerous play areas will keep the little Londonists occupied while you marvel at the giant models, which also include a post box, a dragon, and a ringing phone box.

Just don't visit in the height of summer or you'll have to queue around the block for your blocks.

The Lego Store, 3 Swiss Court, Leicester Square, London W1D 6AP. This is NOT a sponsored post, more a fanboy's love letter.

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