Best Of Londonist: 21 May 2017

Your Sunday morning best of Londonist weekly round-up.

Incredible Views From This Tower... And It Only Costs £6

It's about £20 cheaper that The Shard...

This Is London's Narrowest Street

Deep breath...

The Cosiest Pubs in London

Pubs with bags of charm

How This Area of London Ended Up Being Called Dead Man's Hole

One of London's more gruesome sights.

7 'Secret' Cafes in London

Hidden in plain sight

Photos of Londoners Having Fun on the Tube

It's crazy down there

This Is What London Looked Like in 1963

The BT Tower was nearing completion.

In Photos: London in 1941

Including bomb damage to the Houses of Parliament.

London's Best Coffee Shops

Did we get your favourite?

The Huge Shit Pump Beneath Big Ben

"If the members peed too little, or failed to flush, then a foetid and stagnant pool would form beneath the Palace of Westminster"

Photos of London in 1952

The year London was engulfed in smog.

London's Most Poignant Memorials

How many have you spotted?

Fascinating Photos of London in 1996

The Queen looks happy.

Love the Window Display at TfL's Lost Property Office

People leave some incredible stuff on the tube

In Photos: London in 1932

The coolest rooftop in town.

How Heathrow Airport Almost Had Nine Runways

Now THAT'S what we call an airport

Places in London We'd Like to See Pedestrianised

Is it time Trafalgar Square finished the job?

London's Most Retro Food

Bring on the buttered crumpets...

What Happens to London's Old Fire Station Buildings?

Gorgeous historic buildings, repurposed.

These London Buildings Used to Be Theatres

Theatres: reinvented.

Architectural Quirks as a Result of London's Planning Disputes

Including one that made an appearance on Sherlock.

The 1872 FA Cup Was Won by a London Team That Still Exists

One of them's beaten Real Madrid and Barcelona.

The London Tree That's Grade II Listed

Beloved by Spike Milligan.

Did You Know That Notting Hill Used to Be a Racecourse?

Notting Hill is full of surprises

Sherlock Holmes Museum: Any Good, or Elementary?

At £15 a ticket, we were hoping for more.

Little Bits of Scotland in London

Surrounded by Scottish influence.

9 Reasons Why Osidge Is the Most Interesting Place in London

Ever heard of Osidge near Southgate? It has history.

This Heliport at Battersea Is the Only One in London

Get to the choppers.

The Freak Show Empire Across Victorian London

Victorians had a different way of getting their kicks.

Have You Spotted London's Amazing Ancient Trees?

The trees that time forgot...

What's London's Oldest Museum?

The picture might give it away.

London's Best Gluten-Free Desserts

Doughnuts don't have to be off-limits...

What's the Best London TV Show Theme?

The Avengers or Grange Hill?

The Suffragette That Was a Jiu-Jitsu Master

Stashing weapons away in her dojo.

If London Got Supersonic Passenger Jets, These 5 Things Could Happen...

Invest in double glazing shares...

London's Best Cosy Locals

A warm welcome awaits.

A Colourful City Within the City of London

A colourful microcosm.

20 Tonnes of Newspaper and a Jeep in This Colossal Artwork

Made from a lot of newspapers.

A Cactus Filled Hothouse in Mayfair

A verdant, and playful, exhibition

A Fantastical Cabinet of Curiosities

Eccentic and entertaining

A Blinging Gold Rush in the West End

A free exhibition of riches.

A Venetian Beauty of an Exhibition: Canaletto and the Art of Venice

'Little Canal' makes a big impression.

A Dark, Robotic Last Supper at Science Museum

A dark and delicious dinner.

Dare You Drive These Temperamental Dodgems?

Art that you can ride.

Review: A Meaty Afternoon Tea

Scones make way for scotch eggs.

Check Out This Free Street Food and Beer Festival

Full on festival vibes.

Get Your Face Scanned at the Science Museum

All for a good cause.

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor: Croydon's Finest Composer?

Celebrated by the Royal Albert Hall.

BBC's Crossrail Documentary Returns for Second Series

Episode 1 features a very special guest.

Crossrail 2 Could Be Derailed by the General Election

Delays expected.

New Air-Conditioned Trains Coming to the DLR

But will the 'driver's seat' still exist?

Look Out for This Gorilla in Your Nearest Tube Station

Ape art.

Citymapper Is Running Buses in London

Free to use... for now

Samsung Pay Now Available Across London Transport Network

Apple Pay has a new rival...