Surreal Pictures Of London

Will Noble
By Will Noble Last edited 40 months ago
Surreal Pictures Of London

It's an image that takes a second or two to process. A Piccadilly Circus subway transported to the Welsh countryside.

It's the work of James Popsys, an artist who puts a surreal slant on the urban. Like Big Ben here, trying to catch forty winks:

And these taxis on their way to the airport:

Often there are two, very different, types of beauty at play — the urban and the natural:

But it's the humour we love the most. This one makes a change from leaves on the line...

... while we reckon most commuters would welcome a plunge into these azure waters, after a hard day at the office:

Popsys masterfully combines images he's taken from around the world with those he's taken in London — although we reckon this dartboard is from a London boozer...

... and it wouldn't surprise us if Banksy had actually done this on Lower Thames Street:

This one would take a bit more doing:

Sometimes fact is almost as strange as fiction: in 2012, a massive duck was indeed floated through London.

"We are now arriving in South (of France) Kensington"... (the background here was taken by Popsys as he flew over the Alps).

We knew something was missing from the whole Greenwich Park experience:

Marvel more of Popsys's surreal art on his website and Instagram.

Last Updated 09 February 2017