Seen Some Satirical Street Art? It's Probably Loretto

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Seen Some Satirical Street Art? It's Probably Loretto

Kim Jong-Un noodles away on the electric, Don belts out the vocals, while sad Vlad holds it together on drums. If only international diplomacy were as harmonious as ultimate supergroup The Psychos.

The Shoreditch stencil is the work of Loretto, a mysterious London street artist who's creating increasingly ambitious works around the capital.

Mayor Sadiq Khan, moonlighting as a stripper, in Holborn

Loretto's work plays on the icons of politics and popular culture, often with a wry or surreal edge. Comparison with Banksy are inevitable, though the style is perhaps closer to the colourful stencils of Pegasus.

John and Paul, off Wardour Street

The works might not be entirely original, but they still have the power to stop people in their tracks, and raise a chuckle.

Or occasionally a grimace...

Other creations include Jeremy Corbyn as a monk and Theresa May as Marilyn, both in Fitzrovia. Meanwhile, Donald Trump has been pictured as an early hominid in Soho not far from a treasonous image of the Queen snogging the Pope.

Last Updated 13 March 2018