Primary School Students Capture Croydon In A Whole New Light

Harry Rosehill
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Primary School Students Capture Croydon In A Whole New Light
Birds flying in Croydon
Estelle from Atwood Primary

What had you achieved by age 11?

Roughly 150 students from a handful of local primary schools were tasked with capturing the changes happening to Croydon's urban landscape. The children attended a workshop run by a photographer and geographer, encouraging them to explore and connect to the local area.

Above is the overall winner, by Estelle aged just 11, taken in the Queen's Gardens in the heart of Croydon. It's a complex shot, nature in the foreground but with the clear sense that change is afoot — the birds are flying out of shot and cranes loom in the background.

Natural vs Manmade: Lily, Fairchildes Primary

There were five runners up, also shown here, each declared the winner of a specific category.

Overall Mood/Feeling: Alisa from Howard Primary

Sarah Jones, MP for Croydon Central said:

I think this is a really good initiative and the pictures perfectly capture Croydon. The power of the image is so great in today's society, and I think the more people are taking the time to look at the communities they live in, the more they actually understand their sense of place, and that they are part of that community.

Some of the places the children went to they had probably walked passed a million times before but never really looked at, but if you understand where you live and take the time to look around and see it, it helps you love and understand it.

Market in Croydon
Community: Adnan from All Saints Primary
Whitgift Centre Croydon
Composition: Indra from Beaumont Primary
Castle in Croydon
Old and New: Maira from St Peters Primary

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