We're Slightly In Love With These Beautiful Linocuts Of London

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We're Slightly In Love With These Beautiful Linocuts Of London
Some High, Lonely Tow'r

Woolwich-based artist Gail Brodholt creates these striking linocuts of her city. "I suppose what I'm really interested in is those unconsidered and unnoticed places that people pass through," says Brodholt, "They are on their way to somewhere else, presumably more important — on the escalators, on the tube, train station platforms, motorways..."

Buses on The Strand

Train stations, railway arches and public transport feature heavily. "When you are travelling you are free from normal life with all the anticipation of an adventure ahead of you," explains the artist.

Poetry of Departures II

An exhibition of Brodholt's works goes on display at Eames Fine Art, Bermondsey, in February.

Red Moon Rising

While you can admire them for free, there's also the chance to purchase an original artwork. Better hold onto that Christmas money then.

A Walk on the Wild Side

Gail Brodholt: Poetry, Prose, and Prints, Eames Fine Art Gallery, Bermondsey, 6 February-1 March 2020, free entry.

All images © Gail Brodholt

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