See A Life-Sized Batmobile Made From Lego On South Bank

Art of the Brick: DC Super Heroes ★★★☆☆

Tabish Khan
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See A Life-Sized Batmobile Made From Lego On South Bank Art of the Brick: DC Super Heroes 3
We do love this dramatic caped crusader.

Lego versions of Superman, Batman, The Flash and Wonder Woman. Does this sound amazing, or a gimmicky art exhibition? We wager you've already made up your mind as to whether it's your sort of thing or not.

No DC exhibition is complete without Superman.

The Lego sculptures here are very similar in style to those seen in the previous Art of the Brick show over two years ago.

The Joker looking nefarious.

Unfortunately, artist Nathan Sawaya's pseudo-philosophical aphorisms are back too. We can visually appreciate a surreal sculpture of Superman running into a trail left by his own cloak, but to couple this with a statement about how we're all creating our own obstacles is unnecessary and detracts from the work.

Even Green Lantern gets a look in, as well as Aquaman and Cyborg.

In this exhibition the descriptions of the work are best avoided; stay away from the cod philosophy and just appreciate the exhibits for what they are.

This iconic comic cover, featuring the introduction of Superman is recreated.

While many of the works from the original show are imitated, there have been innovative improvements on Sawaya's previous works, and not just in taking on the DC theme.

Superman's eyes glow a fiery red, the Green Lantern is aglow, and a full scale Batmobile takes centre stage.

A full sized replica of a batmobile is a treat.

Some of the impressive new additions are large scale recreations of comic book covers, including the original Action Comics introducing Superman, and the acclaimed graphic novel The Killing Joke.

A rather abstract and dark rendition of Batman.

We like the Cubist renditions of the DC superheroes. Impressively, Wonder Woman's invisible jet is made up of suspended bricks to give it the feel of being barely there.

No need to rush over like the Flash, the exhibition is on throughout the summer.

Whether Lego sculpture is an art form or not, we can't help admire the effort and creativity poured into these works. This will be undoubtedly be a popular show and we imagine DC Comics fans and children will love it — although keeping the children away from the heavy merchandising and Lego play areas in the gift shop at the end may prove difficult.

The Art of the Brick: DC Super Heroes is on at a new venue on Upper Ground in Waterloo. Tickets are £16.50 for adults and the exhibition is open until 3 September 2017.

Last Updated 01 March 2017