What Happens When Stories Cross Cultures?

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What Happens When Stories Cross Cultures?

This is a sponsored article on behalf of the British Academy.

If you're a fellow bookworm in London, you'll probably already be aware of the British Academy's upcoming Literature Week. Running from 15-20 May, this is a series of events on the theme of adaptations and transformations, looking at when stories span audiences, genres, cultures and languages.  

18 May sees a night dedicated to translated fiction organised in collaboration with Pushkin Press, In Celebration of Translation, focusing on what happens when novels are translated into different tongues.

Adam Freudenheim of Pushkin Press

Although the genre has been getting steadily more popular, sales of translated texts are still on the low side. This talk at the British Academy HQ covers current challenges and hopes for the future of the industry.

Join Adam Freudenheim, publisher and managing director of Pushkin Press, alongside writers, translators and professors to discuss just why translated fiction seems to be going from niche to mainstream.

Once reserved for the cultured and elite, these guys will be championing the fact that translations are now more readily available and something you should definitely try out.

Whether you're a language lover, fan of translated fiction, or just curious about the world of publishing, this event is for you. Tickets can be booked here, and even include a glass of wine.

Find out more about the other events running as part of Literature Week here.

Last Updated 17 May 2017