Pint Of Science 2024: Learn Stuff Down The Pub

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Last Updated 13 May 2024

Pint Of Science 2024: Learn Stuff Down The Pub
Pint of Science 2024

The annual festival of science in informal venues is back.

Pint of Science returns to the pubs of London this May. This light and informal festival of science and medicine offers the chance to catch up on some cutting-edge research while knocking back some optional CH3CH2OH.

This year the festival takes place all across the country, over 13-15 May. London, as a major hub of science, has dozens of events to choose from. These take place in some rather unusual locations (unusual for a science talk, at any rate).

Perhaps a catch-up on the fight against cancer will float your boat, with a talk on the Tamesis Dock. Or maybe an evening devoted to motor neurone disease and stem cell therapies at the unlikely venue of Bounce on Old Street. They've got lab-grown meat and clockwork ducks at the Winchester, and AI-powered neuroscience at The Goat. Whatever branch of science excites you the most, you'll find an event to match.

At just £5 a ticket, this is an excellent way to learn something new about life, the universe and everything, while enjoying your favourite tipple.

Pint of Science, 13-15 May, various pub venues. Follow on Facebook and X via @pintofscience (#pint24). Image courtesy of Pint of Science.