Beautiful Views Of London

Harry Rosehill
By Harry Rosehill Last edited 26 months ago
Beautiful Views Of London

Here are some of our favourite London views — perfect for ogling when you're squished into the tube like a sardine.

From atop hills

Head for the hills, and you're pretty much guaranteed a view down on the city. Sometimes it's like you're arriving in London for the first time.

Parliament Hill. Photo: Owen Llewellyn
Primrose Hill. Photo: James Booth
Greenwich Park. Photo: Steve Coutts

Staring down a street

Sometimes — while London whirls around you — you'll just stare down a street, boulevard (or even a canal), and be struck by a picture perfect moment.

Bishopsgate. Photo: Nick A
Queensberry Place. Photo: City.and.Color
Regent's Canal. Photo: Graeme Wilmot
Muswell Hill. Photo:

Urban countryside

Despite assumptions otherwise, Greater London is only roughly 40% concrete, steel and tarmac.

St James' Park. Photo: tonybill
Plashet Park. Photo: Ishmam J. Tahaseen
Sunny Hill Park. Photo: Joel Meadows

From man-made marvels

Sometimes what occurs naturally just isn't enough for us. Intrepid architects and designers have built incredible spots for us to see out over the rest of the city.

London Eye. Photo: FJC37
Sky Garden. Photo: Vanessa - Here and Now
The Shard (toilets). Photo: Sean Batten

Some people mistakenly think that the best view in London is from the top of The Shard. Way up on floor 72, they take panoramic photos of London. Then nature comes calling, and that's when they discover something even better.

Which London views do you think should make this list? Let us know in the comments.

Last Updated 03 November 2016