Stupid Food Pop-Up Concepts That London Will Soon Invent

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Stupid Food Pop-Up Concepts That London Will Soon Invent
A cough syrup cocktail (see the Lozenge Lounge below).

London is awash with concept food and drink pop-ups, from the Cereal Killer Cafe to a cheese-on-toast deli to a KitKat eatery. It made us think (not entirely seriously): what other crazy cafes will marketing teams dream up next?  

The Hoof Cafe

Anyone who's gnawed on a trotter can vouch for the flavoursome qualities of animal feet. The Hoof Cafe offers a selection of dishes that incorporate hooves, claws and trotters. Try their patented 'Pedi-Brek', a crunchy porridge made with squirrel feet (ethically sourced from roadkill).

The Lozenge Lounge

Brands like Strepsils and Lemsip are wasted on the sick. These softcore medicines are actually rather tasty, yet we only ever try them when our tastebuds are impaired. All that's changed, thanks to the Lozenge Lounge, which incorporates popular remedies into its range of cocktails. The Vicks VapoRum is not to be missed. Or try the Benylin Bellini for a classy kick*.  

The House Of Lovage

A Walthamstow pop-up where every dish comes loaded with the under-appreciated herb. Find it next-door to novelty baker's shop 'Yeast 17'.

Monster Mash

Who doesn't like mashed potato? It was only a matter of time before this versatile foodstuff inspired its own pop-up. At Monster Mash, the fluffy tuber comes in 87 different flavours, some more palatable than others. Current specials include the calf's blood and gogi berry mash, pictured above. It is dreadful.

Fatty Tubster's Fine Eel Parlour

Gentrified take on London's eel pie traditions. Eels come jellied in an artisan vodka jus, while the walls are decorated with taxidermied elvers.

Bermond's Pea

We never appreciated how versatile the humble pea can be. This Bermondsey 'pod-up' offers pea platters in a number of textures: try them mashed, mushed, bashed or crushed. Or enjoy the cafe's signature marrowfat sandwich complete with a side serving of peas, washed down with pea tea.

Pop Pop-Up

Noting that the one thing missing from London's pop-up scene is pop, this Shoreditch bar offers childhood favourites such as cream soda, cherryade and dandelion & burdock. But look out, too, for their own innovations, like nettle cola, fizzy gravy, and the almost undrinkable Kimchee-ade.

*Londonist does not recommend the recreational use of medicinal products.

Last Updated 19 October 2016