Fast Walking Lanes Come To Waterloo

By Zoe Craig Last edited 69 months ago

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Fast Walking Lanes Come To Waterloo
Commuting by Jarrad.

If you regularly get stuck behind dawdling pedestrians on your morning commute, we've got good news for you.

On Thursday and Friday this week, there'll be a fast lane outside Waterloo station, just for those of us who are, y'know, trying to get somewhere quickly, rather than playing Pokemon, retweeting last night's hilarious meme or sorting through Instagram filters.

Walk by Ian Muttoo.

The 50m 'Direct Lane' on Sutton Walk is for pedestrians travelling at more than 3mph (average walking pace); anyone else can use the rest of the pavement at their own snail's pace.

Just as the previous time fast lanes for pedestrians were tested, this is another PR stunt (by the Direct Line insurance people, hence the name 'Direct Lane').

Crossing by Paul Steptoe Riley.

But it does seem to be an idea that keeps coming back... We even included it in our Manifesto for London last year.

Maybe one day it'll catch on for good. We suggest London's busiest transport interchanges and ohpleasegod Oxford Street for starters.

Last Updated 20 September 2016