London's Looking Lovely In This Stunning New Exhibition

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London's Looking Lovely In This Stunning New Exhibition
One of Sarah Fosse's 'wobbly' paintings. A recognisable view of Canary Wharf and the City from Greenwich. Copyright the artist.

London's iconic river and skyline have served as inspiration for the likes of Monet, JMW Turner and Canaletto to name just a few.

But it's not done yet and is now serving as the muse for many contemporary artists too. This group show brings together five artists who all use London, or pieces of London, in their works.

Richard Knight captures the Oxo Tower and the City, clearly inspired by the painters of London who have come before him. Copyright the artist.

Painter Sarah Fosse creates 'wobbly' views of London's cityscapes and says:

The dynamism of the ever evolving landscape, the energy and diversity, the quirks and colours compel me to capture the unique magic that is London.

The Thames Barrier looks very stylish in this print by Ella Freire. Copyright the artist.

Mat Kemp uses items he's found in junk shops and on the Thames river bank to create sculptures, while Michael Wallner adopts a minimalist style. One of his works is a piece of light art in the shape of the course of the Thames. Wallner's clearly in love with the city:

I love the lines and shapes of London – the distinct shapes and curves of buildings like Battersea Power Station, the Gherkin, the Oxo Tower, the National Theatre, the Tate. I love the aerial views of London which show the lines of the streets, and the curves of the Thames. And I love the mix of old and new.

Michael Wallner's blue Thames starkly contrasting with the silver city around it. Copyright the artist.

Richard Knight city skylines bear the closest resemblance to the works of the likes of Monet, while Ella Freire focuses on the city's architecture.

All five artists have a unique and eye-catching take on the world's greatest city and we're looking forward to seeing them all together in their upcoming exhibition.

A Mat Kemp work made from items found along the Thames. Copyright the artist.

A River Runs Through It will be on at gallery@oxo, Oxo Tower from 7-11 September. Entrance is free.

Last Updated 24 August 2016