First Look At The New Night Tube Map

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First Look At The New Night Tube Map
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As you're probably aware, the night tube starts running on two lines this weekend — and it comes with its own version of the tube map.

It'll be available to pick up at tube stations from tomorrow (Thursday), but we've managed to get an exclusive preview of what it'll look like:

At current, it only shows the Central and Victoria lines in colour — the two lines where the night tube starts this weekend. The Northern, Jubilee and Piccadilly lines — which will start operating the night tube from autumn 2016 — are shown in grey, suggesting that we can expect a new version of the night tube map when they launch (date yet to be confirmed).

Previous versions, produced for the earlier planned night tube launch, have shown all five lines in colour.

The cover of the night tube map.

Pick up your copy of the pocket night tube map at night tube stations on the Victoria and Central lines, and at all Zone 1 stations, from tomorrow (Thursday).

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Last Updated 17 August 2016