What Do You Think Of These London Emojis?

By M@ Last edited 69 months ago
What Do You Think Of These London Emojis?

Even the most cynical technophobes among us have now given in. The strategically deployed emoji has become an essential part of our daily electronic chatter, from the classic smiley face to the steaming e-turd.

The options have expanded even further with a set of emojis inspired by the capital. Londonmojis include such icons as the New Routemaster bus, a Mind the Gap sign and an 'I heart LDN' badge.

The app Fanmoji, includes over 100 handy emojis designed by illustrator Ray Smith. It sits within your phone's keyboard and is available for Android and iPhone. With the tap of one finger you can, for example, pop in the '10 Downing Street' emoji, rather than laboriously spelling it out (an invaluable time-saving tip, given how fast political events are moving these days).

You can find more information about the app here.

Last Updated 20 October 2016