London's Defaced Road Signs

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Last Updated 16 December 2016

London's Defaced Road Signs

Here's a challenge. Can you find a road sign in zone 1 that hasn't been fiddled with in some way? The craze began with Clet Abraham, whose cheeky stickers have found their way onto signs across Europe and in New York.

The 'no entry' sign is most commonly corrupted. Here we see examples from, respectively, Cable Street, Clerkenwell and Bermondsey.

Some signs are so defaced that their original purpose is entirely obscured — as below in the Boundary Estate, Shoreditch.

Arrowed signs also present playful opportunities, as per this classic Clet Abraham intervention.

Some smack of desperation...

Another class of doctored signage sees street names corrupted. Here, Montclare Street has become the victim of a spot of wordplay...

It's now almost impossible to take a 20 minute walk through London without encountering some kind of playful sign. What do we reckon: Still funny? Potentially dangerous? Increasingly tedious?

All images by M@.