Forget Pokemon: Search The City For Letters

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Forget Pokemon: Search The City For Letters

The whole world's gone Pokémon mad. Well here's another city-wide treasure hunt game for you. It doesn't rely on smartphones, and you don't have to do anything lewd-sounding, like powering up your Squirtle.

The Big Letter Hunt is all about spotting a hidden alphabet in the city's buildings. The London Eye is a giant letter Q. The Liberty building conceals a timber R, while the Brunswick Centre sports a multistorey N.

This is a book that invites you to look at the city in a different light. You might find all 26 letters fairly quickly, but while doing so you'll gain a new appreciation of the architecture around you.

The book works best as a family activity — a terrific way to get kids exploring the city without resorting to Japanese monsters.

Big Letter Hunt by Amandine Alessandra and Rute Nieto Ferreira is out now from Batsford.

Last Updated 14 July 2016