The Week In Hipster: Animal Taxidermy, Hopped Pizzas And Lumberjack Axe-Throwing

Will Noble
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The Week In Hipster: Animal Taxidermy, Hopped Pizzas And Lumberjack Axe-Throwing

It's difficult keeping up with the latest hipster trends, but we're trying our darndest. Here's what happened this week:

This gent is probably off to sling an axe. Photo by Magic Pea in the Londonist Flickr pool

Make like a lumberjack and sling an axe

Who started London's lumberjack obsession, we'll never know. Maybe it's a slow-burning effect triggered by Michael Palin during the late 1960s; maybe a stray maple seedling took root in Dalston in the early noughties — we can't be sure. What we do know is that urban axe throwing is now a thing — or at least it will be when Whistle Punks opens in Whitechapel on 19 May.

Eat a dry hopped pizza

Still ingesting your hops in liquid form? Keep up, mate. Sambrook's Brewery in Battersea has just announced it's serving pizza topped with hop shoots, at a special event at its taproom on 2 June. "Whatever next," asks the London public, "saison soup with glow stick croutons?" We can but hope.

Buy salad out of a phone box

Prefer the healthy salad option? You can now get your spelt and green bean concoctions served out of an old phone box, in the decidedly non-hipster precinct of Bloomsbury. Ironically, you can't phone up and get it delivered.

Junkyard Golf: putting the hip into swing from the hips

Play golf on a course made out of rubbish

It's in Shoreditch. It's made out of second-hand mannequins and washing machines. It serves Lambrini Cherry in red cups. It's called Junkyard Golf. It's pretty cool.

Drink taxidermy-themed cocktails

BrewDog came up with the concept of drinking £500 quid beer out of a stuffed stoat, and now the Grant Museum thinks there might be something in it (the concept that is — the stoat was drained years ago). Today (14 May) they're plying members of the public with stuffed-creature-themed cocktails at their taxidermy late.  You can also create your own alternative mounted animal head.

And that, friends, is this week in hipster.

Last Updated 17 May 2016