The Best Thing About London Is...

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The Best Thing About London Is...

We all have our own ideas about what makes London a great city. That also includes Google. We asked the all-seeing search engine to show us how others have completed the phrase "the best thing about London is". Then we tried it with a few London areas, as well as the tube. The results range from the cliched to the bizarre.


The best thing about London is Paris
(A famous quote by Diana Vreeland)

The best thing about London is Arsenal
(Few would argue with that, right?)

The best thing about London is the beautiful parks — perfect for football, relaxation and watching funny dogs

The best thing about London is the unexploded bombs they couldn't be bothered to clean up for three generations
(What the actual?)

Around town

The best thing about Camden is it's so bloomin' big, so full of content and so many bits of the markets warrant a delve

(Here's some of that 'content', perhaps not worth a delve)

The best thing about Shoreditch is Gardners - the paper bag shop
(As celebrated on Spitalfields Life)

The best thing about Hampstead is the variety in property
(Yeah, everything from unaffordable bedsits to unaffordable mansions)

The best thing about Highgate is the transport links that it has to get around the capital
(Also known as the Northern line)

The best thing about Crouch End is the cherry blossom in Cecile Park in May
(Wonderfully specific)

The Best Thing about Hyde Park is Terminator 24 one of the regulars at Speaker's Corner every Sunday for over 30 years

(Arf, arf. A common joke, though we particularly enjoyed the emphatic capital letters here.)

The best thing about the Houses of Parliament is the brown sauce named after it, very naughty on a corned beef sandwich
(It's true. Full story — apart from the corned beef — here)

The best thing about Tooting is its not getting swallowed up by posh cafés and up-market stores
(Some bloody good up-market pubs though)

The best thing about Euston is that I can never find the proper entrance so I always have to climb over a fence by some busses
(What? Who is this person?)

The best thing about Heathrow is that you can rate your security experience from green smiley to distraught red
(Takes the edge off that full cavity search)

The tube

The best thing about the Tube is being able to polish your shoes on the brushes at the side of the escalators
(We had never thought of doing this before. Genius)

The best thing about the underground is that you can feel the vibration of the train in your balls
(We're not sure what kind of tube he's catching)

The best thing about the tube is probably just the evocative power of some of the names- personal favourites being ‘cyprus’, ‘gallion’s reach’ ‘mudchute’

What, for you, is the 'best thing about London'?  

Last Updated 12 May 2016