Skyscraper With A Skirt Rises On Bishopsgate

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Skyscraper With A Skirt Rises On Bishopsgate

Meet 100 Bishopsgate, the latest skyscraper rising in the Square Mile.

The office tower has been stuck in development hell for almost a decade, but is now finally climbing into the City skyline. Once complete, the main tower will reach 172 metres, putting it almost on par with the nearby Gherkin.

As skyscrapers go, this one is much plainer than most of its neighbours. Its boxy form looks more like a refugee from Canary Wharf than a companion for the Cheesegrater and Walkie-Talkie. Some will welcome this return to simplicity; others might object that it blocks off views to the more iconic Gherkin; most, we suspect, won't care.

The growing core of 100 Bishopsgate.
Cores rising

The most salient architectural flourish is the sloped base which, from some angles, resembles a skirt. In terms of suggesting a nickname for the building, it's not much to work with. We're going for the Crystal Cooling Tower, but you might have better ideas.

The tower will be accompanied by a seven-storey block containing further office space and restaurants. The development will also open up half an acre of (privately controlled) public space.

At the time of writing, the main tower core had reached the sixth floor. Completion is expected in 2018.

Last Updated 13 April 2016