Check Out TfL's Shakespeare Tube Map

Laura Reynolds
By Laura Reynolds Last edited 98 months ago

Last Updated 13 April 2016

Check Out TfL's Shakespeare Tube Map
© Transport for London and Shakespeare’s Globe

TfL is marking the upcoming 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death in the best way it can — by releasing a special edition Shakespeare-themed tube map.

Station names have been replaced with names of Shakespeare's plays and characters on the new map. Each tube line has been given a specific theme, with the stations on that line renamed to fit in with the theme.

Cleverly, the interchange stations have been named as characters which fit onto more than one line. Macbeth (Embankment station) for example, is on both the 'Plays' line (Circle line) and the 'Villains and Rivals' line (Northern line)

Other details that Shakespeare buffs will enjoy include the renaming of the Emirates Air Line (cable cars) as Rosencrantz & Guildenstern after the characters from Hamlet, and the positioning of Montague and Capulet stations next to each other on the Fathers & Kings (Jubilee) line.

The icons seen next to some of the stations above have been added to help distinguish the plays by genre.

Naturally, the Globe Theatre appears on the map, as does the Blackfriars Theatre, and the recently rediscovered Curtain Theatre. All were venues when Shakespeare's plays were performed.

The map is available to buy from Shakespeare's Globe and the London Transport Museum from 18 April. A 24" x 36" maxi poster costs £3.99, or an art print costs £15. A large scale vinyl of the map will also be installed at Bankside Pier near Shakespeare's Globe.