Bakerloo Line Trains Not Stopping At Paddington From Today

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 27 months ago
Bakerloo Line Trains Not Stopping At Paddington From Today
Photo by David McKelvey from the Londonist Flickr pool.

Heading to Paddington? Don't try and use the Bakerloo line as trains aren't stopping there from today.

Transport for London is replacing the escalators that head down to the platforms, and also doing more work on a tunnel to link the Bakerloo line to Crossrail. TfL says that about 82,000 people use the Bakerloo line every day, and 165,000 people use Paddington tube station generally. Once Crossrail opens, that's expected to rise to 248,000.

The Circle, District and Hammersmith and City lines are still stopping as normal.

The Bakerloo line at Paddington will re-open in time for the Notting Hill Carnival.

Last Updated 02 April 2016


It's worth pointing out that Lancaster Gate on the Central Line is a short walk from Paddington, which might be better option if the District/H&C lines are busy picking up the slack from the Bakerloo closure.


Yes - They have been a bit sanguine about the fact half of the station users will need to "do something else" twice a day. One suggestion is the "short" walk to Edgware Road (that is, the Bakerloo version, which is rather inconveniently on the other side of the A40 and served (like Lancaster Gate) by a creaky set of lifts - frequently out of service. They could have (and may yet need to ) modify the old Circle service, which is now like a dead-end appendix (in that is serves little purpose) and limps but one stop west from Paddington - running only to the "other" Edgware Road and H&C trains, which will of course already be jam packed from those who chose to board at Paddington. We know this (extended westward Circle service) is feasible (as it was previously the route) so why it has not been offered as a temporary solution is puzzling.

It's quite depressing to realise that this is the best TfL/LU can offer us - a "suck it up, sucker" non-solution. I expect Pread Street pavements are going to be very crowded come Monday.

Someone remind me how Crossrail improves the life of non-bankers?

Tube Geek

Just hop on the Circle or H&C to Baker Street, then get the Bakerloo from there!

Helen Ayres

It would be helpful if you said the *date* it will be reopening. That's like me [a non-Londoner] telling you that Cheddar Gorge station with be open in time for the annual cheese-rolling. 😆 Not everyone has the date of the NHC etched on their brain. 🙄