A Door In A Wall Returns With New Murder Mystery Adventure

Laura Reynolds
By Laura Reynolds Last edited 33 months ago
A Door In A Wall Returns With New Murder Mystery Adventure

A composer's been killed and it's your job to find out who did it.

Immersive treasure hunt experts A Door In A Wall are back in London this summer with a new game — Played To Death.

The murder mystery team game, aimed at groups of three-six adult players, involves investigating the gruesome swansong of renowned composer, Aaron Eastring, who has suffered the fate of death by falling piano.

Starting at The Square Pig in Holborn, players follow a series of clues that could be anywhere — we're talking shop windows, road signs, inside local businesses, anywhere. Expect to be solving plenty of puzzles — a fully charged phone is essential, and a pen is highly recommended. You'll need to interact with characters along the way too.

We've long been fans of A Door In A Wall's japes, and although the recent Appetite For Murder nearly finished us off (did we mention the running? Oh god, the running), we're raring to go again for this new challenge.

One piece of advice: pick your team mates wisely. You're looking for savvy thinkers, fast movers and people with plenty of gusto. Be brutal.

Oh, and a punny team name could win you a prize, so it's worth putting some thought into that too.

Tickets for Played To Death go on sale at 12pm on 7 April, priced at £29.99 per person. The game runs on selected evenings from 11 May, plus afternoon games on weekends and bank holidays.

Last Updated 07 April 2016