A Door In A Wall: Kings Of The Murder Mystery Are At It Again

An Appetite for Murder by A Door in a Wall ★★★★★

Rachel Holdsworth
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A Door In A Wall: Kings Of The Murder Mystery Are At It Again An Appetite for Murder by A Door in a Wall 5

There are murder-mystery scavenger hunts, and then there is A Door in a Wall. The king of them all, if you will. Intricate, fiendish, witty puzzles, scattered around a specific area of London, that will have you racking your brain, chuckling at actors and running your bloody legs off.

The latest game is An Appetite for Murder. Amelia Love, hot tempered restaurateur, has been frozen to death inside the walk-in freezer at her latest pop-up, The Cooked Goose. There are three suspects: it's up to you and your team mates to work out who did it to stop health and safety shutting the place down. We're handed a booklet with some background info and the starting location for six clue trails around St Paul's and Gresham Street. And then we're unleashed.

Clues could be anywhere. Anywhere. Shop windows, graveyards, road signs, video screens. How these silver-tongued organisers sweet-talk businesses into not minding groups of sweaty Londoners hareing up to their premises looking for information, we'll never know. Make sure your phones are charged: you'll be calling voicemails, having text chats and logging onto all kinds of websites. And you'll run. Dear lord, will you run.

You'll also encounter characters from this fictional world waiting for you at various locations. These are the most fun parts, and we advise throwing yourself into the spirit with gusto. We'd also like to give a special shout-out to 'Harry', who had us doubled over with laughter as we walked over... no; we can't tell you. No cheating. No special help. That would spoil it.

The game runs until 1 November; it's so location specific that it won't happen again. Tickets for many dates are already sold out so get your team together and get in now. Or plan ahead better for the next one.

A Door in a Wall's An Appetite for Murder runs until 1 November. Meeting point is The Red Herring, 49 Gresham Street EC2V 7EH. Tickets £30 each. Londonist played this game on complimentary tickets.

Photo by Jamie Drew.
Photo by Jamie Drew.
Photo by Jamie Drew.

Last Updated 08 October 2015