22 Bishopsgate Gets Go-Ahead As City Overrules 'Right To Light'

James Drury
By James Drury Last edited 24 months ago
22 Bishopsgate Gets Go-Ahead As City Overrules 'Right To Light'
22 Bishopsgate
Image: Hayes.

What is set to be the tallest skyscraper in the City of London moved closer to construction, after a City committee agreed to sideline nearby businesses' right to light.  

22 Bishopsgate will stand 278m tall on the site of the doomed Pinnacle skyscraper, blocking light to nearby buildings.

Nearby businesses could have taken legal action against the construction of the tower, but the City of London used extraordinary powers under the Town and Country Planning Act to override their rights.

The local authority said the decision was justified because "this is a major development which will result in significant improvements to the local area, increased floor space and help create jobs".

The skyscraper is set to open in 2019, and — in a very fashionable move — will include a free public viewing gallery.

Last Updated 07 April 2016


Such a horrible building. Shame there's nothing you can do to change its design anymore. Londinist, please make a video about it...