Demolition Begins On London's Smallest Skyscraper

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Demolition Begins On London's Smallest Skyscraper

It was supposed to be the tallest building in the City of London. Instead, the Pinnacle skyscraper grew to just seven floors before falling victim to financial wrangling. Often referred to as The Stump, its stunted lift core has stood as a concrete folly ever since work halted more than three years ago.

Its days are numbered. Scaffolding is now climbing up the core in preparation for demolition. The replacement building will have a very different design. The old core must be pummelled to rubble and a new one constructed.

If development goes according to plan this time round, a 278 metre tower will arise on the site for completion in 2019. Here is the proposed 22 Bishopsgate, in all its splendour:

Image: Hayes.

Head along to Bishopsgate in the next few weeks to get a last glimpse of London's shortest skyscraper.

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Last Updated 07 December 2015


Please don't let the new design for the Pinnacle get would be a disgrace on London's skyline.

Stephen Barker

The phrase 'in all its glory' was presumably tongue in cheek. The thought that we are possibly only a few years away for the next downturn in the economy might put some of the plans for evermore tall buildings in London on hold.

Sue Stolze-Beland

As an ex-pat I have had to slowly admit that I no longer recognize the place of my birth. I do understand the premise that if you can't expand sideways, then everything has to go upwards. But still and all!!!! Do we Londoner's all want our city to resemble Hong Kong?
Thank all the gods that some planners have left little oases of green in between all these monstrosities. My dear old dad used to take me to many of the hidden gardens when I was a young girl back in the 50's and I'm pleased to say I did something similar when my youngest daughter was studying at Kings for her Masters back in 2006.
No more glass...... PLEASE!!!!