What's Your Earliest Memory Of London? Part Two

Laura Reynolds
By Laura Reynolds Last edited 60 months ago
What's Your Earliest Memory Of London? Part Two
Shaftesbury Avenue seen from Piccadilly Circus in 1949. Photo by Chalmers Butterfield

In 2016, we asked you for your earliest memories of London. We've already shared some of them and now we're continuing the trip down memory lane.

If you have any other early memories of London you'd like to share, post them in the comments below — we'd love to read them.

Christmas time

"Going to see Father Christmas in Selfridges. Getting in one side of the train and getting out of the other side after going on the two-minute journey to Santa's grotto. It was magical. 48 years ago now but still remember it like it was yesterday." - Tracy Kilner

"Getting on the underground with my Mum to go to the Xmas sales; I would have been about six years old. I loved the Liberty store in the 80s/90s — haberdashery, lambswool scarves at a reasonable price and the bazaar in the basement (now Men's dept)." - Frances Hawkins

"Walking through the roads with Christmas lights — Regent Street, Bond Street and Oxford Street eating chestnuts in a red coat with fake fur collar! 1968 ish?" - Liz Brooker

Ceremonies and celebrations

VE Day celebrations in London, 8 May 1945. Photo under IWM Non Commercial Licence

"Seeing the troops victory parade after the end of the war — my Dad took us." - Monica Divver

"Being taken to the Lord Mayor's Show when I was about six or seven. We lived in Wendover and never had a car.
(Trains still mentally mean a day out to me, 40 years later)." - Shona Harnett

"Sitting on my dad's shoulders watching the firework display in celebration of the end of WW2. It may have been near Buckingham Palace or maybe Hyde Park. It was very exciting and joyful." - Penny Coulthard

"Watching the Lord Mayor's Parade from a shop doorway. I don't remember the year but around 1975/6 — all I can remember of the parade was giant sized Homepride Flour men! I would have been about four or five I think." - Annie Catherine

Celeb spotting

Rear of Buckingham Palace. Photo: EZTD

"I remember one trip to London when we were walking past Buckingham Palace and my Dad looked up and said 'Look there's Prince Philip cleaning the windows'". - Liz Taylor

(As a side note to this one, we were always scared to walk on the grass in St James's Park — we were convinced the Queen would come out and tell us off for walking on her grass.)

"Patrick Moore showing how to look through a bit of foil at a partial eclipse somewhere near where Kensington Gardens, a day trip back in the mid 80s" - Jilly Champion

"Meeting SuperTed at a teddy bears' picnic at Richmond Park... and crying because he was wearing trainers and not rocket boots." - Miranda Casagran

"I visited as a child and we went to all the sites in the day. Corcorde flew over us as we were climbing back into the car for the journey home and as we drove home we went past Buckingham Palace and remarkably my dad must have been the last car through so passed by a waving Queen in her car."- Matthew Thomas Hurst


Photo: _JamesDavies

"I grew up in the remote hills of west Wales and a highlight of our summer holidays was our annual week in London, staying with my aunt and uncle in east London. As well as the Natural History Museum, Cutty Sark, Harrods toy department, McDonald's Marble Arch really stands out as a memory (sad, I know, but we didn't have one in Wales in the early 1980s!!)" - Holly Perry

"Mine is trying humus for the first time in a restaurant in Islington and loving it, then just sitting there watching the rain." - Alex Delbarre

"Going to the Earls Court Motor Show and eating my first Italian meal. My parents and brother had English food and I had something Italian." - Khairunnisa Simmonds

"Going to London on a school trip and getting food poisoning from red jelly we had in a restaurant!" - Charlotte Boneham

Share your own London memories below.

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