Explore The Crime Museum Uncovered With After-Hours Events

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Explore The Crime Museum Uncovered With After-Hours Events

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The secrets of Scotland Yard continue to draw thousands of visitors to the Museum of London. The Crime Museum Uncovered exhibition reveals dozens of objects from the capital's sinister past, never before seen by the public outside of court rooms.

The five-star exhibition is entering its final weeks, so be sure to book your tickets now. If you'd like to get even more out of the experience, we'd recommend the four events below:

CURATING THE CRIME MUSEUM UNCOVERED: The Crime Museum Uncovered is a groundbreaking exhibition, displaying many sensitive objects from the capital's darker past. Learn about the challenges of staging such a show, with an expert talk and the chance to see the exhibition after hours with curators there to answer your questions. 14 March, 7pm-9.30pm, £35.

CRACK THE CASE: In the digital world, it's sometimes possible to prevent crimes before they happen. Learn more about advances in this field, then see if you can crack a fiendish scenario in a race against the clock. Recommended for anyone who enjoys working in teams to solve puzzles. 26 February and 24 March, 7pm-10pm, £36.

FORENSICS: Discover the facts and fictions behind forensic investigations, and learn about recent advances at this expert panel including former crime commander Peter Spindler, DCI Diane Tudway, Martin Parker, a lead scientist on the UK’s National Ballistics Intelligence Service and Tracy Alexander, director of forensic services at City of London Police. 7 March 2016, 7pm-9.45pm, £15 (or £25 including exhibition).

THE FUTURE?: The collection of objects in The Crime Museum Uncovered will be packed away after 10 April. What next for this unique resource? All three curators of the exhibition — two from Museum of London and one from the Metropolitan Police — discuss the challenges of mounting the exhibition, and the possible future of the collection. Includes an after-hours viewing of the exhibition. 4 April 2016, 7pm-9.30pm, £35.

The Crime Museum Uncovered is at Museum of London until 10 April 2016. Tickets are £10 if bought online. A late opening takes place on 4 March.

Last Updated 29 February 2016