Three Days Of Tube Strikes Announced

Rachel Holdsworth
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Three Days Of Tube Strikes Announced
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The RMT has confirmed three planned days of strike action for the coming weeks, with drivers' union Aslef expected to confirm dates shortly (they'll be the same dates).

These strikes are about the ongoing dispute over working conditions for the much-delayed night tube and the 2015 pay settlement. Aslef's Finn Brennan said:

Taking strike action is never something that is decided lightly. Our members lose pay and we genuinely do not want to be in a position where disruption is caused to the travelling public. But for the last two months, management have refused to engage in talks with us.

Conservative mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith accused the unions of playing "political games" and warned "we can expect four years of these games and gridlock if Sadiq Khan and his union paymasters get their way". However, Khan's campaign pointed out there have been 35 tube strikes under eight years of Boris Johnson, as opposed to 16 strikes under Ken Livingstone's mayoralty.

Strike dates are currently set as:

  • Evening of 26 January for 24 hours
  • Evening of 15 February for 24 hours
  • Evening of 17 February for 24 hours

Last Updated 11 January 2016

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So let me get this right:

RMT went on strike last summer because they were worried about the impact night tube would have on work/life balance for their members.
So TfL went and hired additional, part time people to work over the night tube, so that there was no impact on RMT members.

And now they're striking again?

Greg Tingey

There's a mayoral election coming & Boris is posturing - hoping for an "anti-union" backlash, obviously.
Meanwhile, TfL (probably at the Mayor's insistence) are determined to "negotiate" two entirely separate issues in one package - thus guaranteeing nothing gets done.
Pathetic, isn't it?