London's Takeaway Revolution

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London's Takeaway Revolution

Produced in partnership with Deliveroo.

Meatliquor's Green Chilli Cheese Burger - available via Deliveroo.

Not so long ago, ordering a takeaway in London meant picking the best from a bad bunch. Everyone, at some point, has ordered a pizza or a chow mein they knew, deep down, was going to suck. There was a time when it wasn’t even possible to order online; instead, you'd have to prise apart the tattered folds of a paper menu, one that was plucked from a drawer that also contained the loose toothpicks, a bottle opener and that Allen key you never found a use for.

There's been a recent boom in online ordering, but the rise in convenience hasn’t been matched by a rise in quality. Until now. Deliveroo has revolutionised the takeaway, signing up some of the best restaurants in town, then acting as an independent courier between their kitchens and hungry Londoners. They’re offering deliveries, for example, from some of the best burger restaurants, including Bleecker St. Burger (get the Bleecker Black, it’s a life changer) and the hugely popular chain, Byron.

Mother Clucker's fried chicken - available via Deliveroo.

And it’s not just traditional fast food: some of London’s big guns offer a menu which they feel travels well enough to be delivered to your door. Take, for example, Shotgun BBQ, a restaurant serving skilfully smoked meat, sides and sandwiches. Or Goodman in Canary Wharf, one of our best steak restaurants. The curry bar is raised by the likes of Dishoom and Cinnamon Soho, while fried chicken comes from the kitchen of Mother Clucker. Cake? From Hummingbird Bakery.

Deliveroo even have you covered if you’re trying to stick to a diet this January, with healthy options that won’t make you want to cry and immediately stick your face into a plate of melted cheese.

The founder of Deliveroo, Will Shu, came up with the idea to start the company as he felt frustrated by the lack of late night options. Not happy with the usual gloopy noodles and prawn toast, he came up with a business model which differs from other online ordering sites — Deliveroo pick up the food and transport it themselves, meaning they're able to work with a wider variety of restaurants. It goes without saying that some areas are better served that others of course, but the restaurant base is expanding rapidly.

Visit the Deliveroo website to find out what's available in your area, and wave goodbye to the disappointment that comes with yet another delivery from Fish and Chips a Go Go.

Last Updated 17 January 2016

Alexander Davis

Maybe a quick proof read before posting?


Advertorial crap. deliverong don't deliveroo the service. Wrong orders, failure to refund, compete lack of care about customers - that's what they deliver in my experience


I'd have never told it has been "Produced in partnership with Deliveroo."! A fantastic piece!

Nick Eglezos

this is clearly ad material from deliveroo and not an independent opinion.Quite incoherent as I dont understand how deliveroo can improve the quality of the food (this is the article problem statement!).I am not fan, as the minimum order of 15£ is usually not a requirement from the restaurants (i guess it is part of the business set to make it attractive to the restaurants) not to mention the high 2.5£ delivery fee on top.


This sponsored content leaves me feeling very engaged.

Francois Mazoudier

chill out people, they clearly say it's an advert at the top, you don't have to read it through.