12 Predictions For London In 2016

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12 Predictions For London In 2016


Following the opening of Tottenham Court Road's distinctive new tube entrance, ground-penetrating radar reveals evidence of significant Asian investment.

Did you know there is a giant maneki-neko under London?


London's gentrification takes a strange new form, as a wave of mathematical street art sweeps the capital. Walls in Brixton are daubed with a colourful proof of the Riemann Hypothesis, while Finsbury Park is decorated with Euler's Formula (below). A spokesperson for Haringey Council dubs the vandals 'the lowest common denominator'.


Construction work begins on the Garden Bridge. To pay for a shortfall in funding, its owners announce a bold new vision in which the prime real estate will be sold off immediately for redevelopment. Over 800 luxury apartments will be constructed by 2021. Overseas investors will be able to 'own a piece of history', becoming the 'first leaseholders since the time of Henry VIII and the Old London Bridge to enjoy bespoke fixed assets over this iconic river'.

The new London Bridge.


It's the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death. The Department of Culture's 'Festival of the Bard' is hit by spending cuts, leading some to criticise the lacklustre commemorations.


Boris Johnson's departing action at City Hall is to change the way that future Mayors of London are appointed. In a bid to get more young people interested in local politics, the mayoral elections will henceforth be coupled to the UK singles chart. Whichever Londoner gets the most votes in the form of music downloads becomes the next Mayor.

Background image by Andy Thornley.


The Evening Standard appoints Cara Delevingne as Finance Editor and Rita Ora as chief sports pundit. The pair are now able to appear on every single page of the newspaper, rather than the restrictive seven or eight daily appearances they've hitherto enjoyed. Meanwhile, proprietor Evgeny Lebedev insists that all crosswords be redesigned to mimic his preternaturally immaculate beard.


Every new Olympiad builds on the traditions of its predecessors. The 1920 Antwerp games gave us the Olympic Oath, Olympic flag and the release of doves as a symbol of peace. The 1928 Amsterdam games ushered in the Olympic Flame. London 2012's unforgettable contribution was the Dangleboris, which will now feature in the Opening Ceremony of all subsequent Olympics, beginning with Rio.

Background image by KátiaLira under creative commons licence.


With the rash of supertall skyscrapers increasingly dominating the City skyline, traditionalists put forward plans to re-establish St Paul's Cathedral as the tallest building in London.


In another misguided attempt to save money, the Department of Culture announces that the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London and the 40th anniversary the Sex Pistols' Anarchy in the UK are to be celebrated as part of a joint festival. What could possibly go wrong?


Hackney's novelty cafe scene is almost spent. Every foodstuff on the planet, from imported cereals to doggie biscuits, has now had its 15 minutes of fame in a dedicated pop-up restaurant. But never fear, for a couple of bearded entrepreneurs are about to open the world's first Poop-Up Cafe in Dalston. The concept dining experience literally turns eating on its head, with a focus on the lower opening of the alimentary canal. Instead of eating food, customers can choose from a range of rectally administered sweetmeats. Londonist tip: treat yourself to a suppository shortbread washed out with a long-black coffee enema.   

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The last affordable home in London enters the market.

Tiny flat between the railways.


Marshall Mathers opens his first Eminem Store in Leicester Square, prompting a legal wrangle with the nearby M&Ms Store. To avoid a lengthy court battle, the two retail attractions agree to join forces. The new-look Eminem & M&Ms Store opens soon after.

Background image by Will Noble.

What are your predictions for London in 2016?

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Greg Tingey

We will get a complete tosser for London Mayor, whoever he is -pity we can't have a female mayor, but that's the way it goes ....

Anthony Papagallo

after having america's arse crack rubbed in its face once too many times the Chinese sink a U.S carrier in the south china sea.

The resultant sight of it burning and sinking, along with its five thousand crew men and women, being broadcast on CNN and Fox news causes tens of thousands of furious americans riven by poverty, minimum wage jobs, racism and a oppression from a militarised police force to take to the streets demanding their Government stand down from possible nuclear armageddon.

Washington DC, Los Angeles and New York erupts in massive civil insurrection resulting in the National Guard opening fire and shooting to death rioting Americans.

Rogue elements in the Pentagon realising this is their moment, have President Obama forcibly removed and institute a military takeover of the United States declaring a state of war, the constitution is suspended and Martial Law is introduced along with a shoot to kill curfew on american citizens by its military….who immediately launch a full nuclear strike against China…...


You realise that flat in November is Bridget Jones's place?