London News Roundup: Scumoween Rave Ends In A Fight With Police

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 30 months ago
London News Roundup: Scumoween Rave Ends In A Fight With Police
Riot police lining up last night. Photo by Andy Thornley.
  • An illegal rave in Lambeth ended up in full-scale clashes with the police. Missiles were thrown by the crowd — including propane tanks, according to Southwark police — while the Guardian has footage of riot police repeatedly shoving a girl who's a bit confrontational but definitely not violent.
  • Fire crews saved 50 people from a blaze at Adair Tower in North Kensington on Saturday.
  • A man has been horribly injured after a sofa fell from scaffolding near Leicester Square.
  • Police tell women to "be vigilant" when travelling at night after a string of sexual assaults around Clapham and Brixton Hill.
  • Spend the money for a new concert hall on music education instead, says Julian Lloyd Webber.
  • Man demands woman prove she's pregnant to get the priority seat on the tube.
  • The Natural History Museum has been sitting on a new species of bat for 30 years, now named Francis' woolly horseshoe bat. Seriously.
  • Ever heard the tale of the devil of Deptford?

Last Updated 01 November 2015


This is a disgrace.
So this is the police response to a party?