Friday Photos: Tobacco Dock

Laura Reynolds
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Friday Photos: Tobacco Dock
Looking across the canal from Tobacco Dock (just seen in the right of the frame) to East Quay, with The Shard still being built in the distance. Photo: Bob Bob (2011)

These days, Tobacco Dock in Wapping is used primarily as an events venue — this weekend, Taste of London food festival takes over, and it was previously the short-lived venue of the ill-fated Oktoberfest.

In the past though, this brick warehouse was used primarily as a place to store, yep, tobacco, which was imported by ships arriving in the docks (much of which has now been filled in).

In the 1990s, there were plans to turn the building into a shopping centre, however, these failed largely due to the building's remote location. In 2003, it was listed as a Building at Risk by English Heritage.

Photo: JAY (2015)
No mistaking where you are in this photo. Photo: yorkshire stacked (2014)
This statue, Jamrach's Tiger, tells the story of a young boy who was taken by a tiger which escaped from the nearby Jamrach's menagerie in 1857. The Bengal tiger picked up a boy of eight or nine years old and ran off with him, but Jamrach managed to rescue the boy. Photo: Matt (2014)
Them's the rules. Photo: Richard Cudlip (2008)
Inside Tobacco Dock. Photo: R.I. Pienaar (2005)
Tobacco Dock ships. Photo: Matt (2012)
Tobacco Dock clock. Photo: Richard Cudlip (2008)
Pirate ships sit alongside food stalls at Feast food festival. Photo: Matt (2014)
The bear statue is another reminder of Jamrach's eccentric menagerie. Photo: Matt (2014)
Barrels on the roof are a reminder of the building's past. Photo: Matt (2014)

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They still don't know what to do with TD!! Factory-outlet!?!?!?! Henry's Bar was about its best attraction - long closed (and Babe Ruth's pulled down as well - a veritable culinary retreat by all accounts!) Mebbe now with the Murdoch factory becoming buy-to-snubs, the sniff of wealthy incomers might rejuvenate its restaurant and bar scene!